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Innovation Challenge

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Klein ISD was recognized as one fo the 26 most innovative, pioneering companies in the greater Houston area by the Houston Business Journal. This award comes from a long-standing commitment to going above and beyond in all aspects of education, and what caught the judges’ eyes was that of the district-wide innovation challenges.


One of the most well-known Innovation Challenges was none other than Klein in Space. Over 200 student teams conducted research, formed hypotheses, designed experiments, and created technical writing proposals in hopes of having their experiment chosen to launch to the International Space Station. The process was applauded by pathway explorers and team sponsors alike for being an authentic research experiment. In the end, it was Klein High’s Team Micro-Ji that was chose to travel to Cape Canaveral, FL to watch their experiment blast off to the International’s Space Station on the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

“It was a great opportunity to use the things I learned in class and apply them to something real. For me, it was an opportunity to take my knowledge to the next level and find a way to innovate.”


Klein High senior and Team Micro-Ji member Max Hall-Brown